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Oregon Farming in Numbers

About 98% of Oregon’s farms and ranches are family owned and operated. Some are “corporate” farms because they are incorporated for tax reasons; they are however not faceless, uncaring, mega-conglomerates. It remains a generational industry.

Oregon agriculture is sustainable. 1,181 Oregon farms and ranches are officially recognized as remaining operational and within the same family for at least 100 years, while 38 have reached the official 150-year-old mark.

Oregon is #1 in the nation for Christmas trees, hazelnuts, loganberries, black raspberries, ryegrass seed, orchard grass seed, crimson clover, sugar beets for seed, red clover seed, fescue seed, blackberries, boysenberries, potted azaleas, and peppermint.

Oregon is #2 in the United States for the production of hops, blueberries, and pears.

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